About Us


Radio – Music – Podcast

SVARA is a startup that was founded in September 2017, but our research on the landscape industry and technology development has been started since 2002 by the founder Mr. Hemat Dwi Nuryanto.

SVARA has the vision to redefine the music industry, revive the radio industry, and also become a unicorn startup in 2023. At present, SVARA has become a market leader in Indonesia and is ready to expand the SVARA Platform to help 100,000 radios worldwide.

Beyond Listening

SVARA is a platform mainly to assist the Radio Industry in conducting Digital Transformation and also for listeners to enjoy new ways of
listening to radio, music, and podcasts.

With SVARA you are able to stream more than 600 radios in Indonesia including live chats with other users or broadcasters, Listen to podcasts from radio or users. Streaming music and playlists made by editors, users, and you. Save your favorite content in the library. Listen to audio content anywhere and anytime.


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